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Business and manufacturing sourcing strategies for a sustainable future.

Effective Procurement Specialist Systems

You can call on Sibco’s established expertise and resources
to improve every area of the procurement supply chain

Business Liaison

Business Liaison

We work closely with your organisation to identify and pinpoint savings across all spend categories in order to achieve sourcing cost targets for your materials or services.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Sibco helps to build and improve your organisational supply capabilities, so you can sustain those competitive gains and implement improvements for the long term future.

Delivering Solutions

Delivering Solutions

Our procurement management sourcing process will consistently identify and deliver individually tailored solutions to fit in with your manufacturing and business needs.

Over 25 Years Of Working Alongside Major
International Automotive Giants

Proven proficiency in competitive procurement consultancy services, product sourcing and supplies of machinery,
service contracts and consumables, including leasing and rental options.

Sibco’s mission is to help companies find the best products for their business – products procured with integrity, at the best prices and in the fastest time. With our expertise and our relationships within industry, we can guide you through the process of both national and international procurement to ensure you get the products you need.

Our procurement consultancy strategies determine an inventory of items to be procured based on an establishment’s budget.

Our team acts as a guiding pillar, keeping your business on track to meet deadlines and avoid overspending in any way.

Sibco’s procurement planning can bring many benefits to improve cash flow and improved efficiency to your business.

What We Do

Sibco’s primary aim is to help our clients to make supply chain management easy, cost-effective and more reliable to utilize – whether it’s for large or small companies in their field. Whatever your niche is, retail, manufacturing, engineering, or construction, our professional procurement consultancy can step in and help you manage a successful supply chain that benefits the company as a whole!

With over 25 years of project experience, we work hand-in-hand with different industries worldwide.

Sibco is confident we can be one of the most reliable solutions out there for your business when it comes to streamlining your supply management needs, whilst cutting costs and bringing overheads down.

Through our specialist procurement consultancy services and supply chain management, we can find and drive down the costs of business-critical overheads.

We come equipped with the best practice methods for a diverse range of industries, from commerce and retail to industry, automotive and trade.

We’ve amassed a huge amount of procurement knowledge and best practices, and this experience keeps us in tune with the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Handling & Processing

Delivery Configuration

Distribution Network

A dedicated team of professionals

Customised procurement solutions for your current and future needs

Efficient Work Flow

Sibco help you to identify the products in high supply and demand; we have a vast database containing reliable suppliers of all types and can help source and deliver the products you need most to keep your establishment running efficiently.

Supply Chain Solutions

Most importantly, we can ensure that you’ll have complete confidence in the supply chain you need to keep a business running smoothly. Sibco has better answers to procurement challenges, and our clients engage our services repeatedly because we deliver proven results.

The importance of building better procurement
methods for our customers…

Sibco is committed to furthering profitability and facilitating potential savings.

Our Procurement Consultancy has the expertise to obtain the services and goods that you need to keep an organisation running smoothly.
Our team can improve many aspects of a company’s sourcing operations, and we think it’s important to save your organisation precious funds, time and resources.
Sibco will negotiate with suppliers and work with you to improve materials management and supply chain procedures while reducing operating costs.

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